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For a community with as much beauty and talent as we have, artistic facilities and programs to nurture this energy are in need. There is great value in providing artistic services for both the adults, who may not have the knowledge or means to produce their art, and for the youth who are in need of a positive and encouraging environment. As many local artists and supporters of the arts discuss a common goal to fill this gap, Project Knew Groove is born.

STATUS: PKG has found its initial studio space at 411 Main St. in Half Moon Bay. Programming will begin soon and our open house will be during Pumpkin Festival on Oct. 15th and 16th. Our operations are made sustainable by your tax deductible donations. DONATE

MISSION:The purpose of Project Knew Groove (PKG) is to provide facilities and educational programs for artists of all ages here on the San Mateo County Coastside.

Project Knew Groove's financials are completely transparent to our community. Officers and Managers will go on Salary once we open the studio. Until then, everyone is working as volenteers. Below are the current revenues and expenses. If you would like to see detailed financials email [email protected]



Studio Sponsorships : PKG's current drive is to find 12 ongoing sponsors to yearly donate a months rent for the studio. Currently our rent is $700/month and we are looking for businesses, organizations, and individuals to donate either $700/year or $60/month.

Goal: 12 Sponsors/ 11 remaining



Program Expansion: PKG's long term drive is to raise the money and resources to expand its operations, offering more opportunities and varieties of arts in our facilities here on the San Mateo County Coastside. In order to do so, PKG is looking for grants to purchase or lease a large space to expand its programming beyond the current Main Street location.

Goal: $200,000 / $195,552 remaining

* Last Updated 10/11/2011


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