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Project Knew Groove is incorporated as a non-profit with a Board of Directors appointed as the organizations’ leadership. Directors are volunteers from the community with valuable business knowledge and experience who help to guide PKG’s operations. Directors vote to determine all new policies, Officers of the Board and Managers as described in the Directors Handbook.


aboutusScott Menary, Director/Chairperson of the Board

Scott Menary, born and raised on the Coastside, is now co-owner of the construction company Brothers Builders. Scott is well integrated into the community both as a businessman and as an avid fan of local arts.







aboutusMark Weisbarth, Director

Mark 'Maleko' Weisbarth, has been an active Hip Hop artist on the Coastside since 1996. He is the owner of Coastside DJ and head of Knew West Entertainment, a record label he started in 2005. Known as "The Ambassador Of Coastside Hip Hop," Maleko is part of a growing movement on the coastside. As one of the Board of Directors for Project Knew Groove, Maleko plans to use his network of followers and connections to promote PKG 





aboutusRajan Bechar, Director

Rajan Bechar is an Algebra teacher at Cunha Intermediate School in Half Moon Bay and has been an active Hip Hop artist since the mid '90s. He and his father, Raman Bechar, run a favorite coffee shop in Half Moon Bay that is famous for their chai.








Bryan Richter, Executive Director

Executive Director: The Executive Director shall supervise, direct and control the organization's day-to-day activities and is not be a voting member.






Lea Krutel, Secretary

Secretary: Responsibilities include maintaining a copy of the Bylaws, Minute Book, Notices and Corporate Records.







Emelia Wessel, Treasurer

Treasurer: Responsibilities include maintaining Books of Accounts, Financial Reports, Deposit and Disbursement on Money and Valuables.









Volunteers are an integral part of the operations of the studios, events and promotions. They are organized by PKG Managers and fill a variety of roles required by the organization such as class instructor, event staff and promotional team member. If you are interested in getting involved, contact us at [email protected]

Michael Denning
Jamison Stegmaier
Brian Ely
Rose Smith







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